Home Additions

You will be able to see your project through a 3 dimensional

virtual walk-through on our state of the art Autodesk CAD software before your project begins.

Our design solutions are complimentary for our clients


We do something that is surprisingly uncommon in the remodeling industry . . . we plan your project and give you the information you need to feel secure that it will be executed as expected. We choose to make our method client friendly. We will advise you of your project requirements before we begin. We provide you with specified work scopes correlated to a realistic and competitive cost breakdown. This will ensure that the budget can be managed. We use only quality materials. Our work force is composed of experienced craftsmen we use on a regular basis.      

You will be able to visualize your new home addition from all angles.

You will envision the final look before the project even starts.


Debonair Builders will listen to your vision, and provide you with a responsive solution to meet your needs and budget. See examples of home additions, room additions, remodeling services, and kitchen and bath remodeling in our services and gallery sections

The best approach is to find a contractor in whom you feel is giving you the best service. Our approach will provide a path to accomplish your goals, manage your budget, and remove as much stress as possible. Our quote will be competitive and realistic. You will be able to enjoy the project, predict and manage costs, even if you make changes along the way. 

We at Debonair Builders know that our satisfied clients are our best assets, and are far more effective than all the advertising money can buy. Contact us for your building project today.   

You will be able to feel the scale and proportion of rooms,

see the effects of window and door placements, understand floor and wall space outcomes, and more.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is to assume that the lowest "bid" they receive is comparable to others, only to find out during construction that the nature of that agreement is not what was expected. In such cases, it is common that the missing work scopes multiply and costs spiral, as that contractor demands controversial change orders to complete the work. That project is then no longer the lowest "bid". Whose interest was served?

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